Easy Egg Frittata!

“I love something different for breakfast! How about a quick and easy egg frittata!”

OK, I do eat more than pancakes. I enjoy eating a good egg – especially if I can make it a little different. Otherwise breakfast is so boring. So, here is how I make my version of a frittata. Most of us know how to scramble an egg. So do your scramble thing in a bowl. I eyeball the amount of milk to egg. My husband uses Almond Milk or replacement milk. Doesn’t much matter. I prefer milk though, but some of us cannot drink milk.

Before putting your scrambled eggs in a pan… I saute about 1/2 of an onion, when sauteed add grated zucchini squash (or yellow). About 1 small squash to 3-4 eggs. Let cook with onions for a few minutes. Add the scrambled egg mixture. Stir a little. Turn heat to very low and put a lid on the small fry pan. Let cook until almost set. Sprinkle some feta cheese on top, cook for a few more minutes, and serve when eggs are set/done. I typically look in my refrigerator and find what is loose in the bin. If I have spinach I use that instead of squash but put it on after the eggs begin to cook. I have had times where I add leftover chicken and I suppose if you like other cooked meats you might add that too as well as other cheeses. It is all an experiment. Give it a try. Eggs go with so many things. What do you have in your produce bin today?